(6) Díwán Gidúmal.*

Díwán Gidúmal was the son of Belomal, third descendant of Adiomal Sháhwání, who first came to Sind. Adiomal was an original resident of Sítpur or Hájípur, and a Khatrí (Manchund) by caste. He came to Sukkur and entered the service of Mián Ádam Sháh Kalhórah. Subsequently he removed to Shikárpur, where he married the daughter of a wealthy merchant (sowcar) of the place, by whom he had two sons. From these two sons a long line of descendants issued, many of whom are still living at Hyderabad. Díwán Gidúmal himself had no issue, but the descendants of his brothers are called Gidwánís after him. He entered the service of the Kalhórahs as a Díwán and rose to be an influential courtier and counsel of the State, When the Tálpurs succeeded the Kalhórahs, Diwán Gidúmal secured their confidence too and greatly assisted Mír Fateh Alí Khán in becoming an independent ruler of Sind by going as an Envoy to the court of the Emperors of Dehlí, but he excited some suspicion in the mind of his brother Mír Ghulám Alí Khan, and under his orders he was suddenly assaulted by a number of men armed with clubs and killed. Gidú Bandar or Gidú-jó-Tandó and Gidwání Street are still called after him.*