(3) Makhdúm Núh.*

He was the son of Niamatulláh and is a descendant of Abá Bakr Siddík, the first khalíf or successor of the Prophet and hence he is called Siddíkí. It is said that at the age of seven he heard the cry for prayer and repeated the Kalmah in reply. At the age of fourteen he is said to have acquired a vast amount of spiritual knowledge, communicated to him spiritually by Alí, the fourth khalíf. He visited Tattá, where his knowledge about the inter­pretation of the Koran was tested by many learned men of the place and all were surprised with his erudition. He died on Thursday the 7th of Zíkaad 992 A.H. (1584 A.D.). He is buried in the town of Háláh. His place was occupied by his eldest son Makhdúm Jalál, who was again succeeded by his son Muhammad Zamán.