THIS “Ornament of Histories,” by 'Azízu-llah, is a mere com­pilation of no value. The author informs us in his preface that he intended composing a second volume, in order to reconcile the discrepancies which were observable in different histories. Whether he ever did so does not appear, but there is so little critical judgment exercised in the single volume we have under consideration, that the second is not worth the search.

In the preface we learn that the work was commenced in 1086 A.H. (1675-6 A.D.), but passages occur at the close which show that the work is brought down to 1126 A.H. It is evident, however, that the original work concluded with the account of Aurangzeb's children, and that the few last pages, including mention of Bahádur Sháh and Jahándár Sháh, have been added by some transcriber. In the last volume the date of 1087 A.H. is given, which leads us to conclude that the history occupied one year in its composition.

There is nothing worthy of translation.