[Text, vol. iii. p. 849.] The writer of this history was held back from going to Násik, and marched against the son of Sháh 'Alí, which was deemed to be more important. In Isfandármuz in the preceding year, he had joined Khán-khánán, near Baran-gánw. But intelligence was brought that one of the great vassals of 'Ádil Khán Bíjápúrí was coming towards Ahmadnagar with 5000 horse and 12,000 foot. The Khán deemed it necessary to watch his proceedings, so he proceeded to Jálna-púr, and left the author to march against the son of Sháh 'Alí. On the 27th, the author reached the banks of the Ganga (Godávarí). On the 29th he got possession of the fort of Kálna, which is one of the chief fortresses of Ahmadnagar. * * 'Alí Mardán Khán, the commander of the Imperial forces, was defeated and taken pri­soner in Telingána.

The author's efforts were thereupon directed to the repression of this outbreak, and he sent his son with 1200 horse against the enemy. * * On the 6th Khurdád, he defeated them with a loss of 400 killed, and many wounded.