[Omission and misplacing of the dots have caused this name to assume a very varying form in Roman characters. Ibn Khurdádba (p. 14) calls it “Kinnazbún,” and Istakhrí's version (p. 29) may be so read. The Ashkálu-l Bilád (p. 34) has “Kabryún;” Gilde-meister's version of Ibn Haukal makes it “Kannazbúr;” Idrísí writes “Fírabúz,” but “Kírbúz” sometimes occurs. The Marásidu-l Ittilá' has “Kírbún,” but Juynboll, the editor, says this is a false reading for Kannazbúr. Biládurí (p. 119) agrees in this last spelling, and the Chach-náma has “Kannazpúr,” and “Kínarbúr.” The position of the place appears to correspond with that of the modern Punjgoor in Makrán.]