Kajuráha, Capital of Jajáhoti.

[Extract of General Cunningham's Archœological Report for
1864-5,—Page 68.]

[“The ancient city of Khajuráho, the capital of the Chandel Rajputs, is situated thirty-four miles to the south of Mahoba, twenty-seven miles to the east of Chhatrpur, and twenty-five miles to the north-west of Panna … The earliest mention of this capital is by Abú Ríhán, who accompanied Mahmúd in his campaign against Kalinjar in A.D. 1022. He calls it Kajuráha, the capital of Jajáhoti, and places it at thirty parasangs, or about ninety miles, to the south­east of Kanauj. The true direction, however, is almost due south, and the distance about twice thirty parasangs, or one hundred and eighty miles. The next mention of Khajuráho is by Ibn Batúta, who visited it about A.D. 1335.—He calls it Kajúra … The earliest mention of the province is by Hwen Tsang, in A.D. 641.—He calls it Chi-chi-to, or Jajhoti … From the accounts of Hwen Tsang, and Abú Ríhán, it is evident that the Province of Jajáhoti corresponded with the modern district of Bundelkhand in its widest extent.”]