The Assemblies Of Al Harîri1
The Twenty-Seventh Assembly, Called “Of The Tent-Dwellers.”1
The Twenty-Eighth Assembly, Called “Of Samarcand”8
The Twenty-Ninth Assembly, Called “Of Wâsiṭ”14
The Thirtieth Assembly, Called “Of Ṣûr”24
The Thirty-First Assembly, Called “Of Ramlah”31
The Thirty-Second Assembly, Called “Of Ṭaybeh”37
The Thirty-Third Assembly, Called “Of Tiflis”58
The Thirty-Fourth Assembly, Called “Of Zabîd”62
The Thirty-Fifth Assembly, Called “Of Shiraz”71
The Thirty-Sixth Assembly, Called “Of Maltîyah”74
The Thirty-Seventh Assembly, Called “Of Ṣa‘dah”83
The Thirty-Eighth Assembly, Called “Of Merv.”89
The Thirty-Ninth Assembly, Called “Of ‘Omân”93
The Fortieth Assembly, Called “Of Tebrîz”101
The Forty-First Assembly, Called “Of Tanîs”108
The Forty-Second Assembly, Called “Of Najrân”113
The Forty-Third Assembly, Called “Al-Bakrîyah”119
The Forty-Fourth Assembly, Called “The Wintry”132
The Forty-Fifth Assembly, Called “Of Ramlah”141
The Forty-Sixth Assembly, Called “Of Aleppo”146
The Forty-Seventh Assembly, Called “Of Hajr”156
The Forty-Eighth Assembly, Called “The Ḥarâmîyeh”163
The Forty-Ninth Assembly, Called “Of Sâsân”169
The Fiftieth Assembly, Called “Of Basra.”175
Notes to The Assemblies Of Ḥarîri187
Notes to the Twenty-Seventh Assembly187
Notes to the Twenty-Eighth Assembly191
Notes to the Twenty-Ninth Assembly194
Notes to the Thirtieth Assembly198
Notes to the Thirty-First Assembly201
Notes to the Thirty-Second Assembly204
Notes to the Thirty-Third Assembly208
Notes to the Thirty-Fourth Assembly211
Notes to the Thirty-Fifth Assembly217
Notes to the Thirty-Sixth Assembly219
Notes to the Thirty-Seventh Assembly224
Notes to the Thirty-Eighth Assembly234
Notes to the Thirty-Ninth Assembly238
Notes to the Fortieth Assembly243
Notes to the Forty-First Assembly251
Notes to the Forty-Second Assembly255
Notes to the Forty-Third Assembly261
Notes to the Forty-Fourth Assembly273
Notes to the Forty-Fifth Assembly279
Notes to the Forty-Sixth Assembly284
Notes to the Forty-Seventh Assembly290
Notes to the Forty-Eighth Assembly295
Notes to the Forty-Ninth Assembly299
Notes to the Fiftieth Assembly187
Appendix A: Index of Frequently Occurring Names379
Appendix B: Comparison of Transliterations of Names391