The Preface of Al Ḥarîri103
The First Assembly, Called “Of San‘â”108
The Second Assembly, Called “Of Ḥolwân”112
The Third Assembly, Called “Of Ḳaylah”117
The Fourth Assembly, Called “Of Damietta”121
The Fifth Assembly, Called “Of Kufa”126
The Sixth Assembly, Called “Of Merâghah,” or “The Diversified”132
The Seventh Assembly, Called “Of Barka‘îd”139
The Eighth Assembly, Called “Of Ma‘arrah”145
The Ninth Assembly, Called “Of Alexandria”149
The Tenth Assembly, Called “Of Raḥbah”158
The Eleventh Assembly, Called “Of Sâweh”163
The Twelfth Assembly, Called “Of Damascus”168
The Thirteenth Assembly, Called “Of Bagdad”176
The Fourteenth Assembly, Called “Of Mecca”181
The Fifteenth Assembly, Called “The Legal”185
The Sixteenth Assembly, Called “Of the West”194
The Seventeenth Assembly, Called “The Reversed”200
The Eighteenth Assembly, Called “Of Sinjâr”206
The Nineteenth Assembly, Called “Of Naṣînbîn”214
The Twentieth Assembly, Called “Of Mayyâfâriḳîn”220
The Twenty-First Assembly, Called “Of Rayy.”224
The Twenty-Second Assembly, Called “Of the Euphrates”229
The Twenty-Third Assembly, Called “Of the Precinct”234
The Twenty-Fourth Assembly, Called “Of the Portion”243
The Twenty-Fifth Assembly, Called “Of Kerej”253
The Twenty-Sixth Assembly, Called “The Spotted”s258
Notes To The Assemblies Of Al Ḥarîri265
Notes to the First Assembly278
Notes to the Second Assembly285
Notes to the Third Assembly295
Notes to the Fourth Assembly302
Notes to the Fifth Assembly308
Notes to the Sixth Assembly321
Notes to the Seventh Assembly328
Notes to the Eighth Assembly336
Notes to the Ninth Assembly344
Notes to the Tenth Assembly351
Notes to the Eleventh Assembly364
Notes to the Twelfth Assembly368
Notes to the Thirteenth Assembly380
Notes to the Fourteenth Assembly391
Notes to the Fifteenth Assembly398
Notes to the Sixteenth Assembly410
Notes to the Seventeenth Assembly419
Notes to the Eighteenth Assembly427
Notes to the Nineteenth Assembly443
Notes to the Twentieth Assembly452
Notes to the Twenty-First Assembly455
Notes to the Twenty-Second Assembly469
Notes to the Twenty-Third Assembly480
Notes to the Twenty-Fourth Assembly493
Notes to the Twenty-Fifth Assembly415
Notes to the Twenty-Sixth Assembly524
Notes to the Introduction539