[82] 5


MAJNŪN’S path in love I tread;

Barren earth may be my bed,

Or silken pillows prop my head;

’Tis all one to me.

Majnūn left his house and home

Through the desert wastes to roam;

Lacquered roof or heaven’s dome,

’Tis all one to me.

Give me in the wild to dwell,

Or where Jaihun’s waters well;

Sun-scorched sands or verdant dell,

’Tis all one to me.

Many a bitter draught is mine

While in solitude I pine;

Sweet and bitter, wormwood, wine,

’Tis all one to me.

Wine may flow, and tears may rain;

Love alone can still my pain;

Wine and tears alike are vain.

’Tis all one to me.

NOTE.—The couplets of the original have been rearranged in translation, thus: 1, 3, 5, 2, 4