[412] 5


HOW long of wine and wine-cup

And wine-jar repeat the song?

How long renew the praises

Of drinkers and drink? How long?

Deep-drenched with wine and frenzied

The wild heart no reason hears,

O heart of mine! ’tis wiser

To fill full the bowl with tears.

Ah me! my robe is sullied;

No art can efface the stain.

What though my tears in rivers

Should lave it? ’Tis all in vain.

Come then, uncork the bottle

And fill full with wine the bowl,

Till dreams of blissful union

In rose-perfume bathe the soul.

Save by the wine that rouses

The heart can no fervour know.

Up! let us to the tavern,

And there let the vintage flow.