[525] 47

IS it not time from Thy long sleep to rise

And lift the veil that hides Thee from our eyes?

See how the world is wasted by decay,

And chase the noxious influence away.

Let loyalty once more in honour dwell,

Or from the code of life good faith expel.

The world is filled with men who fawn and feign,

Sweep out hypocrisy and end its reign.

From pole to pole injustice rules the roast,

Crush the oppressors and disperse their host.

Justice has coiffed me with a cowl of night,

Let mercy lift the cowl and give me sight.

Anoint mine eyes with grace and bid them gaze

Bold and undazzled on Thy glory’s blaze.

These eyes, like Jacob’s, on the road are bent;

Let the breeze touch them with its healing scent.