[103] 7

MY veins are aflame with the molten rays of Thy beauty,

Thy love is infused as marrow and life in my bones.

Bold as the Huma my muse on adventurous pinions

Soars to the azure and poises aloft in the skies.

Hold me not low in esteem, for the secrets of heaven

Stream unrestrained from my lips when they open in song.

Why should I strive for fame, or wrestle for glory,

I who have scarcely a name and no mark in the world?

I stand in the halls of life, a motionless statue,

Love of the Yea and the Nay is the lamp of my home.

Slack is the trade of the poet, the market of science,

Here in my coffers is stored the wealth of the worlds.

List to the bulbul that sings in the garden, O Makhfi,

His passionate threnody is but the echo of mine.