NO way of joy and ease is mine to tread,
The road of shame and madness joyfully I choose instead;
And from my heart such streams of blood shall pour
Upon the Day of Judgment, that the Desert crimsoned o’er
Shall all the rosy hues of heaven outvie,
And Paradise be darkened, envious of its flaming dye.
If, penitent, I shed one tear of shame,
Then shall be cleansed the follies and the sins that stained my name;
For God shall show compassion in that day,
My record of transgressions shall be wholly swept away.
The tree of World’s Desire has set its roots
Deep planted in the darkness; sin and shame its bitter fruits;
Then barter not the wealth contentment brings
For all the wide dominions of a thousand mighty kings.
If from my heart I loose my heavy sighs
Black whirling from the Desert shall the blinding dust arise.
Though, Makhfi, God shall pardon at the last,
The Skirt of Intercession hold within thy fingers fast.