Account of Nasr-’bn Nasir-Addín-Sabaktagín.

When the Sultán took the kingdom of Khurá­sán and the Amír Nasr-’bn-Sabaktagín, being of confirmed sincerity and mature age, discharged the duties of allegiance and withdrew his skirt from the Amír Ismaël, and resolved, with evi­dences of faithfulness and fidelity, and with the fulfilment of service, to follow perseveringly the sovereignty of his (brother Mahmúd), the Sultán gave him his own place, as Commander of the Army and province of Nishapúr, where he ful­filled that office for some years, usefully and profitably, and in repulsing Muntasir and efficiently completing that matter attained the reputation which has been described, and used great diligence to cut off those who would return to confusion or invoke the days of tumult, by means of his excel­lent administration and success. And afterwards the Sultán summoned him to the service of the throne and enjoyed his society. He served him in his expeditions and at home, and in his wars and victories over the infidels, being, with sincere brotherly love and pure affection, the nearest con­nexion of that generous and noble nature. The Amír was a strict adherent of the school of Abú-Hanífa (Heaven be compassionate to him), and felt blessed in associating with the partizans and participating in the affairs of that doctor. He went to the neighbourhood of the college of the Kadhi Abúl-Ulá-Sáid, and spent great sums in building it, and endowed it with considerable real and per­sonal property, so that this precinct remained a perpetual memorial of him and a lasting alms. These revenues were a good thing for the college of the doctors and divines. So noble, pure, kind, and liberal was his disposition that a harsh word was never heard from him during his whole life, and he offered no wrong or violence to any one. But the Providence of God gave him no time, for he died young and left the world stripped of his virtues, generosity, and inward (goodness). Utbi wrote this letter in his praise (Verse)

“Alas for the journey without a bait! Alas for the sigh over the good! for Nasr, son of the Amír Násir-dín-Allah, Centre of Wars and Warriors, General of the Army, Precious Pearl, Crown of Glory, Refuge of the Noble and of the Learned!” &c.

And at the time of this affliction about him (may Heaven sanctify his soul) as tears were divided amongst all universally, it could not be but that the Kadhi Abúl-Ulá, with all his order, and all who drank of the clear water of the Law, should be abundant in their grief as individuals, and intense in their sorrow as a community. But God made known to them the perpetual fountain of His guidance towards His extended shadow, His perennial drink, His asylum to which they were tending, and His standards, assuming victory to religion. And (they would have been in despair) but that God (may His glory be renowned!) stopped the fracture of their affliction and the diminution of their advantages, by the glorious empire of the lord of the poor, the pleader of God’s cause upon earth, the Sultán of the world, Yamín-Addoulah­wa-Amín-Almillat— Heaven prolong his existence and eternize his grandeur in this world and in the next, as an equivalent for his sorrow and a com­pensation for his distress, by gladdening his words after this sad announcement. Truly he was a bright warrior and a talented pious man (if) there was ever another whose endowments to the praise of God were as a flowing robe. He was a flourishing plant, the tutelary (power) of the caravan of his successors. May Heaven perpetuate (the Sultán’s) greatness, exploits, and goodness! For, on the earth, no one will succeed that incomparable one; that mind (pleasing to) God in preponderat­ing patience. For He hath made him renowned in illustrious victories and hath imparted to him the fulness of the earth’s gifts, so that he hath stripped the world, in adding kingdoms to his thread (or stringing kingdoms) and carrying out the destiny of necessary truth, in taking possession of them. Heaven, then, have mercy on the Amír! bereaved (of life) illustrious, glorious, deprived (of existence) exemplary, devout! May Heaven pity him, by cooling his spirit and sanctifying his soul! and recognize his zeal for the protection of the faith and his earnestness in God’s way, and his generous gifts of property to (religious) chiefs. Heaven, also, recompense the Shaikhs of the Sayyads (descendants of Muhammad) in their intellect and in their opinions, by preserving them in the faith, and making their weights (merits) heavy in the equitable adjustment! And Heaven make us all of the happy ones the day of judgment, when God’s decree calls the company of his people (to that place) wherein there is the straight road (of truth). For the last follows the first (the last hour necessarily follows upon the first.)