Account of the Robe of Honour which the Commander of the Faithful, Al-Kádir-Billáh, sent to the Sultán Yamin-Addoulat.

The Commander of the Faithful, Al-Kàdir-Billáh sent to the Sultán a precious robe and a valuable jewel, such as no other king or sultán had been honoured with, from the palace of the spiritual sovereign, and granted to him the surname of Yamín-Addoulat-wa-Amin-Al-millat,* a surname which had been treasured up in the treasury of the clement lord, and had been carefully preserved, for his sake, from being shared with others. And the Sultán was clothed with that robe of honour which had been woven for his exalted stature, and had been brought from that prophetical presence and abode of the Khiláfat for that object of generosity and happiness. And he sat down on the royal throne, and the nobles of Khurasán and the chiefs of the provinces at his levees, were arranged in ranks, and stood before his throne, and girded up their loins in service and obedience; and he grati­fied every one with due marks of favour and sub­stantial ornaments, and he honoured them with valuable dresses and innumerable gifts. And the royal and kingly authority became established upon a firm basis, and the hearts of the nobles and the people, of the humble and of the great, became confirmed in obedience to him, and his circum­stances became well arranged and under the canopy of his rule and the excellence of his system the affairs of the provinces of Khurasán were well settled, and happiness was sought under the good fortune of his government, and the benefits of his service, and the sanction of the Khiláfat, and the porch of security, and the splendid authority of the people of the house (of God) and the manifestation of the word of truth, exhibited its mission amongst the subjects of this kingly family; for every year Ghazna made, in the provinces of Hindostán, a free-will offering, by giving victory to the princes of faith, and by causing the depression of the ene­mies of Islam, and it became unto them the cause of the settlement of the State and of the establish­ment of the government, and of the security of his affairs, according to that which hath been uttered by the exalted and glorious Koran: “O ye who believe, if ye support the cause of God He will support you and will strengthen your feet.”