The reign of Sultan Ahmud, the son of Sultan Awees, the son of Sultan Ameer Shaikh Hussun Jullair, the elder, &c.

Sultan Ahmud, after murdering his brother, Sul­tan Hussein, ascended the throne; and another of his brothers, Sultan Bayuzeed, fled, and joined Adil Agha, and was by him raised to the throne. Sultan Ahmud, whose power was as yet unstable, was, therefore, obliged to flee towards Muzeed. Adil Aga, on this occurrence, immediately returned to Tubreez, and thence pursued Sultan Ahmud, but on the road some of his ameers disagreed with him, and he was obliged to return to Sultania. Sultan Ahmud, on this, returned to Tubreez; and soon after intelligence arrived that Prince Shaikh Ali, the son of Shaikh Hussein, the son of Sultan Awees, and Peer Ali Badook, were marching towards Tubreez to attack him. Sultan Ahmud immediately marched to oppose them, and in the neighbourhood of the Hustrood, or Seven Rivers, the two armies met and a battle was fought. Omr Kupchak, who commanded the left wing of the army of Sultan Ahmud Jullair, abandoned his post, leaving his position bare, and joined Prince Shaikh Ali; in consequence, Sultan Ahmud retired from the field of battle, and fled, by the route of Khooee, to Nukhchewan, where he joined Kara Mahummud Turkman, and Kara Mahummud being determined to assist Sultan Ahmud, they, with five thousand troops, marched to attack Prince Shaikh Ali and Peer Ali Badook. This time vic­tory favoured the arms of Sultan Ahmud, for both Prince Shaikh Ali and Peer Ali Badook were slain in the engagement which followed their meeting, and the Turkmans returned to their Yooruts* with an immense spoil. Sultan Ahmud after this pro­ceeded to Tubreez, and between him and Adil Agha many battles were fought; but during this struggle, the great and warlike Ameer Timoor Goorkan* invaded Irak and Azurbijan, and raised a difficulty to the operations of both.

The race of Hulako was finished in Suliman Khan, the son of Mahummud, the son of Sukneh, the son of Bishmoot, the son of Hulako Khan.

An account of Ameer Shaikh Hussun Goor­kan the elder, the son of Akbooka, the son of Sungtoor, the son of Elkan Jullair, has been inserted for this reason, that the said Ameer Shaikh Hussun is derived from Hulako Khan, by his mother, she being the sister of Ooljaitoo Sul­tan, the son of Arghoon Khan, the son of Abakai Khan, the son of Hulako. The reason also why Ameer Hussain is called Goorkan is this: in the Moghool language a son-in-law is called Goorkan; For these reasons some account of him has been given, but the time has now arrived when the wings of our pen must expand and take their flight from the affairs of Persia to those of Too­raun, and present a history of the reign of Prince Chughtaie and his descendants.