The Reign of Nowshirwan Khan.

When Mullik Ashruf, the son of Timoor Tash, had raised Nowshirwan to the throne, he issued an order that he should be called the Just.* He afterwards went to Gunjeh to provide against the machinations of his enemies, where Kazi Mohiud-din Burda also arrived, with propositions of peace from Yaghi Basti and Syoorghan. The Mullik agreed to the terms; but Syoorghan could not be prevailed on to place confidence in him, and in the end was killed by Ameer Eelkan, the son of Shaikh Hussun the elder. Yaghi Basti having joined his nephew, they went to Tubreez together, and when they arrived there, Mullik Ashruf made away with his uncle, in a way that no one ever became acquainted with the manner of his death. After this, being now independent, he began to oppress the people so much, that every one who had the means fled from Iran and Azurbijan to other countries for safety.

In the spring of 748, Mullik Ashruf marched towards Baghdad to attack Ameer Shaikh Hussun the elder. The Shaikh shut himself up in the city, and the Mullik, after besieging him a few days, despairing of success, returned to Tubreez. In the month of Mahurrum 751, he marched an army to Isfahan, which city he besieged for fifty days, at the expiration of which time, the besieged being reduced to extremity, and without hopes of relief, they agreed to read the khotba and strike money in the name of Nowshirwan the Just; they were, besides, compelled to pay twenty millions of dinars and 100,000 in valuable articles of property to Mullik Ashruf, to induce him to return to his own country. In 758, Jani Beg Khan, the son of Mahummud Sultan Ourung,* a Mussul­man and a just prince, having often heard of the tyranny of Mullik Ashruf, marched from Kupchak by the route of Durbund towards Azur­bijan, and having arrived there, defeated Mullik Ashruf and put him to death; and leaving his son Perowi Beg Sultan in Tubreez, returned to his own country. After a short time, Prince Perowi Beg, hearing that his father was dead, was obliged to quit Azurbijan and return to Kupchak, and a man named Ajijook obtained the supreme authority there, and renewed the black oppressions of Mullik Ashruf.