An account of Mullik Ashruf, the son of Timoor Tash, the son of Choban Suldooz.

At the period of the murder of his brother, Ameer Shaikh Hussun the younger, Mullik Ashruf was with his uncle, Ameer Yaghi Basti, the son of Ameer Choban Suldooz, in the vicinity of Sherauz, and on hearing of the death of his brother, he marched towards Tubreez. At this time Ameer Syoorghan, who was a prisoner at Kara Hissar, a fort in the territory of Room, broke out from his prison, and killed the governor of the fort, and afterwards joined Mullik Ashruf and Ameer Yaghi Basti. Suliman Khan seeing the ameers had assembled, and being apprehensive of them, marched towards Diarbekir. For some time the ameers agreed, but at length quarrelled, and Ameer Yaghi Basti and Ameer Syoorghan one night quitted Tubreez, and proceeded towards Jou. Mullik Ashruf pursued them, and overtook them in the field of Aghbabad, and a battle was fought, in which Ameer Syoorghan and Yaghi Basti were defeated. Mullik Ashruf then encamped at the town of Babul, and raised a certain Nowshir­wan to the throne of the Khans.