Some account of Aboo Shaikh Ali Gawun, the son of Soori, the son of Baba Bahadoor, the son of Aboo Kan, the son of Eel Kan, the son of Toori, the son of Joji, the son of Kybad, the son of Yusookai Bahadoor, the father of Chungeez.

This Baba Bahadoor was the grandfather of Shaikh Ali Gawun and Toghaie Timoor Khan; and in the year 705 Hejri, accompanied by ten thousand families, the dependents of Kaidoo Khan, the son of Ghazi Ooghool, the son of Ooktaie Khan, the son of Chungeez, he wan­dered or marched to Khorasan, and resided there; and, according to the custom of the Eels, joined Sultan Mahummud Ooljaitoo Khan Khodabundah, or Khurbundeh, and was afterwards put to death; his descendants resided near Jorjan, where Toghaie Timoor was also brought up. The Ameers of Irak and Khorasan, who entertained apprehensions of Ameer Shaikh Hussun the elder, raised Toghaie Timoor to the throne, and marched to Irak; however, things did not turn out consistent with their expec­tations, as has been before related. In the year 741, Ameer Shaikh Ali Kowun, or Gowan, the son of Soori, by the orders of his brother, Toghaie Timoor, marched to conquer Irak and Azurbijan; and on this side, Mullik Ashruf, the son of Timoor Tash, the son of Choban Suldooz, by orders of his brother, Ameer Shaikh Hussun the younger, marched to oppose him. Ameer Shaikh Ali Kawun was defeated, and after returning to his brother Toghaie Timoor, was killed in a battle with the tribe of the Seri Abdalans; and in the year 753, Toghaie Timoor was slain by the hand of Kwajeh Yuhya Surabdar, as has been before mentioned. But to return to our narrative. Ameer Hussun the younger, after the defeat of Shaikh Ali Kawun, marched towards Diarbekir and Room, and ravaged those countries to the utmost of his power: and returned thence in safety and in health, and in the beginning of the year 744, he despatched Suliman Khan, and Yakoob Shah, and other ameers to Room, but they were defeated and obliged to return. On their arrival, Ameer Shaikh Hussun the younger placed Yakoob Shah in confinement, for having misbehaved in the battle between him and the troops of Room; and one of the khans of Shaikh Hussun the younger, called Arab Mullik, who entertained a friendship for Yakoob Shah, being alarmed at his confinement, and apprehensive he might be executed, associated two or three women with him, and on the night of the 27th Rujub of the same year (744 Hejri), gained admission to Shaikh Hussun the younger, and murdered him by violently twisting his generative parts, as it is stated in the lines of the poet Khwajeh Suliman Seeawujeh: (the lines omitted for a very good reason.) These wretches, the next day, with their associates, secretly left the palace, and the murder was concealed until the third day; when the ameers and chiefs of the kingdom became acquainted with it, and after a long search, Arab Mullik and his confederates were seized and put to death.