The sixteenth Khan, Suliman, the son of Mahum­mud, the son of Sukneh, the son of Bishmoot, the son of Hulako, &c.

Some writers do not admit this person to have been descended from Bishmoot, because, they say, Ameer Shaikh Hussun the younger raised him to the throne merely for political purposes. About the end of the year 739, Ameer Hussun the younger, by force, married the Princess Saki Begum, and seated her on the throne, and they together left Owjan and proceeded to Tubreez, and Shaikh Hussun the elder retired to Baghdad, where he remained.

In the month of Shawal 740, Saki Begum, with Ameer Hussun the younger, went to Owjan, where a great multitude assembled under their standard. At this period Shaikh Hussun the elder, with Jehan Timoor Khan, marched to invade Azur­bijan; and Suliman Khan and the younger Hussun marched to oppose them. In the neigh­bourhood, therefore, of Chughatoo, (otherwise Yughtoo,) a battle was fought, and the troops from Baghdad were defeated. When Shaikh Hussun returned to Baghdad, he deposed Jehan Timoor, an ignorant man, as unfit to reign, and none of the descendants of Hulako remained, except Suliman Khan.