The fifteenth Khan, Jehan Timoor Khan, the son of Alafring, the son of Gunjatoo Khan, the son of Abakai Khan, the son of Hulako Khan, &c.

After the return of Toghaie Timoor Khan to Khorasan, Shaikh Hussun the elder professed his obedience to Saki Begum, and was by her received into great favour; Shaikh Hussun the younger, alarmed and displeased at this friend­ship, seized an opportunity, and deposed Saki Begum also from the sovereignty, and raised a certain Suliman to the throne of the Khans. Ameer Shaikh Hussun also, following his example in this mockery of authority, raised to the throne a Choban ameer named Jehan Timoor, and marched to Baghdad, when he took possession of most of the countries of Irak Arabia, and struck money, and repeated the khotbu in his, Jehan Timoor’s, name.