Of Shem, the Son of Noah, and his Descendants.

It is disputed whether he was a prophet or not. Shem had nine sons, Khorsheed, Arphaxad, Kyoo­murs, Aswud, Tooruj, Lawud, Aleem, Irem, and Noorud. Some say, Khorsheed was not the son of Shem.

Arphaxad, the son of Shem, is called the Father of the Prophets; because many of them are descended from him. The Hebrews and Arabs are also descended from him. Kaya and Kuhtan being the fourth in descent from him, and the Arabs being derived from Kuhtan, and the Hebrews from Kaya. The Arab tribes of Humiedi, Tisman, Aani, Kuzzuee, Ashuri, Arwi, and Tai, are the descendants of Sabai, the son of Kuhtan, the grandson of Arphaxad. Alim, the son of Arphaxad, had two sons, Khorasan and Hukyal. Irak was the son of Khorasan, and Kirman, Keich, and Mukran were the sons of Hukyal.

Kyoomurs, the son of Shem. His sons were named Ahwauz and Pehlv; Fars was the son of Pehlv.

Noorud, the son of Shem. His sons were Adurbi­jan, Iran or Eeraun, Irmun or Armun, Moghan, Kuzaan and Ferghan. It is said, Noorud lived 300 years.

Irem, the son of Shem, founded the city of Wuza. He had seven sons, viz. Aod, Sumood, Sokhar, Tism, Jodaish, Jasim and Taz; these took up their abode in Yumun,* under a prince named Umlik or Amalik, the son of Aod, the son of Irem, the son of Shem, the son of Noah.

To Amalik succeeded Shuddeed and Shuddad, who were great princes. Sumood resided between Hejaz and Syria, Tism at Omar and Behrien, Jodaish at Yumama, Sokhar abode at Ty, Jasim at Hurm and Sinwaun, Taz in the country of that name. Aswud, the son of Shem, was the founder of Nineveh, and the people of Yumun; Sham,* Ahya, Akluma, and Mudain, are his children.

Tooruj, the son of Shem, died in his youth.

Lawud, the son of Shem, is the great ancestor of the Pharaohs of Egypt.