An account of Prince Mysoor Ooghlan, the son of Ooruk Timoor, the son of Toktimoor, the son of Kudaghi, the son of Toori, the son of Bamgan, the son of Chughtaie Khan.

When Prince Mysoor Ooghlan,* who was in Mazinderan, heard of the approach of Ameer Hussain Goorkan, he after devastating the country retired, Ameer Hussain Goorkan following him. Mysoor Ooghlan on his retreat passed near Nishapoor, and ordered some collections to be made from the people of that city. At this time he received information that Ameer Hussain was only two farsangs from Nishapoor; he, therefore, without waiting for his collections, marched by Toos to Jam, and from that place despatched Mobarik Shah, the son of Bojai, and Muktoob, to Herat, that they might besiege Mullik Ghiaus-ud-deen Koort there. When these chiefs arrived at Herat, the Mullik advanced to meet them, and several battles were fought between them. At this time Prince Mysoor Ooghlan was informed that Ameer Hussain Goorkan was advancing towards him with the troops of Irak; he was, therefore, obliged to send a message to recall Mobarik Shah and Muktoob from Herat. After their junction it was discovered that the report above-mentioned was false, and that Ameer Hussain would not quit his encamp­ment for two months; Prince Mysoor, therefore, consulted with his ameers whether it was best to depart or remain, and it was at length deter­mined that they should proceed to Herat and besiege that town. They accordingly marched to Herat, and on the 2d Rubiel-Avul 719 Hejri, encamped on the plain of Bushooran, and besieged Mullik Ghiaus-ud-deen Koort for about a month, and caused him great anxiety, but finding they could not succeed in taking the town they marched to Gurmseer. About this period Ameer Hussain Goorkan arrived at Herat, and, in concert with Mullik Ghiaus, pursued Mysoor Ooghlan to the plains of Ruzeen, where they took some of his troops prisoners and put them to death: they then returned. It is said by some authors, that Prince Mysoor, or Yussoor, retired from that place to Mawurunneher, when he was taken prisoner by one of the descendants of Chughtaie Khan, and put to death. Others say he returned to Kupchak, of which country he acquired the sovereignty, and reigned many years, <Arabic>.