The ninth khan, Aboo Saeed, the son of Ooljaitoo Khan, the son of Arghoon Khan, the son of Abu­kai Khan, the son of Hulako.

Sultan Aboo Saeed, on hearing of the illness of his father, left Khorasan, and proceeded with Ameer Syonuj to Sultania, and thence to Irak, but before his arrival his father died. On the arrival of the sultan in Irak in the beginning of 717, after the usual mourning, on the 20th Suffur he ascended the throne in the city of Sultania, which was founded by his father Ooljaitoo, in honour of his birth. Aboo Saeed commenced his reign with great moderation and justice, and appointed Ameer Suldooz his ameer-ul-omra. The vuzarut was continued as before in the persons of the physician Rusheed, and Taj-ud-deen Ali Shah Cheelan; for this reason, that the sultan being only twelve or thirteen years of age, Ameer Choban Suldooz was, therefore, the ruling authority.

In the year 718 Hejri, from the usual conflict of ministers for power, Khwajeh Taj-ud-deen Ali Shah, by bribes and other incitements, induced the ministers, and particularly Ameer Choban Sul­dooz, to instil enmity into the mind of Sultan Aboo Saeed against the physician Rusheed-ud-deen, and that worthy minister was in conse­quence put to death.

In this year Prince Mysoor Ooghlan, the son of Ooruktimoor Khan, rebelled in Khorasan, and plundered the country to Mazenderan, and from the desert of Kupchak, Sultan Mahummud Ourung, Khan, the son of Togrul Khan, of the house of Joje Khan, also advanced, by the route of Durbund, to Azurbijan. Sultan Aboo Saeed despatched Ameer Hussain Goorkan, the son of Akbooka, the son of Sungootoor, the son of Eelkan Jullair, who had mar­ried his father’s sister, to oppose Mysoor Ooghlan, and himself marched to the Kushlak of Karabaugh. Ameer Choban Suldooz was also despatched after Ameer Hussain Goorkan. At this period intelli­gence was received of the arrival of Sultan Mahummud Ourung at Durbund, and Sultan Aboo Saeed to defend his territories was compelled to take the few troops he had with him and encamp on the river Kur, whilst all the country on the opposite bank was ravaged and devastated by the enemy. Ameer Choban, who had marched towards Khorasan, when he arrived at the town of Bielkan received the intelligence of the advance of Ourung Khan; he therefore wheeled about, and with two tomans* of troops hastened to join Sultan Aboo Saeed. At this time a panic appears to have struck the troops of Ourung Khan, and they commenced rapidly to retire towards their owu country. Ameer Choban Suldooz immediately crossed the river and pursued them, destroying a great number in their flight. On the return of Ameer Suldooz he ordered Koormishi, the son of Alinak Kirayut, and several other ameers who had attacked the troops of Ourung Khan before his junction with the sultan (and who were by the sultan’s orders put in arrest) to be beaten with sticks, and the rest of the ameers being offended at this conduct on the part of Ameer Choban Suldooz, Ameers Kiranchi Kirayut, Tughmak, Ashnoka, Booka, Eldorchi Choban, Kara Oubash, and Koormishi Kirayut conspired to put him to death. At this time the sultan marched towards Sultania, and Ameer Suldooz moved towards Georgia; the conspirators, how­ever, like wolves, followed him, and when they approached his encampment, he having intelli­gence of their object, abandoned it, and fled in another direction. The conspirators, however, having plundered and burned his camp, still followed him, and at last overtook him. A bloody battle ensued between Suldooz and his opponents, in which he was defeated, and with great difficulty escaped with a few followers to Sultania. The conspirators, however, with other ameers and a large army, still followed him from Nukchehwan to Sultania, and having crossed the Sufeedrood, or White River, they attacked the troops of Sultan Aboo Saeed, at the village of Dulkan. The sultan, on seeing the boldness of the conspirators, marched to meet them with his ameers and the reserve of his army, and a bloody battle was fought between them. In this battle Ameer Erancheen and his wife, Shahzadi Gunjbek, the parents of Ameer Shaikh Ali, were killed by the troops of the sultan. From the exceeding bravery of Abdurrahman, the son of Ameer Koormishi Kirayut, the battle was, however, unfavourable to the sultan, until he, notwithstanding his tender age, drew his sword and advanced to the front of his army; and his troops seeing his intrepidity, made an universal attack on their enemies, in which the slaughter was so great that they broke and fled, and victory rested on the standard of the sultan. Ameers Kiranche Kirayut, Togmak, Ashnoka, Irancheen, &c. were taken prisoners and put to death, and Ameer Koormishe Kirayut, the son of Alinak, his son Abdurrahman Boka Eldoorchi, and Choban Kara Oubash fled, but were afterwards taken and put to death. As the sultan had manifested such great courage on this occasion, his subjects, on the 20th Rujub 717, or Yound eel Toorki, unanimously gave him the title of Bahadoor.