A history of the children and descendants of the great Chungeez Khan, who established their authority in Persia,—Sixteen persons.

Historians relate that when Mango Khan, the son of Tooli Khan, the son of Chungeez Khan, ascended the throne of Karakorum and Kulooran, the Aligh Yurut of Chungeez; he despatched Tai­cho Noyaun with a great force to take possession of Persia. After Taicho had conquered that country, he received certain complaints against the Caliph Mostasum Bíllah, and the infidel tribe of the Ismaelites,* which he forwarded to Mango Khan, who despatched against them his brother Hulako Khan, and the fifth part of the army of Chungeez Khan residing at Aligh Yurut.