The fifth king of the Moghools was Timour Khan, the son of Jumakum, the son of Kowilai, the son of Tooli, the son of Chungeez Khan.

After the death of Kowilai Khan, Timour his grandson ascended the throne; his people called him Ooljaitoo Khan. This prince reigned twelve years in Aligh Yoorut, and conducted the duties of his station with the greatest prudence and jus­tice. At his death his cousin Ayud, the son of Moklai, the son of Kowilai Khan, the son of Tooli, ascended the throne.

He became a Mussulman, and in his time most of the Moghool tribes were converted to Mahum­mudanism; at his death he was succeeded by Keelai Khan, the son of Birlai, the son of Chuk­meem, and the seventh king of the Moghools.

Keelai Khan was a prince of great good quali­ties, but of the Christian religion; he was suc­ceeded by the eighth king Koshbilai, the son of Jinsing, the son of Toorma, the son of Chumikum, the son of Kowilai Khan.

Koshbulai was succeeded by his son, Toktai Kaan, the ninth king of the Moghools.

The tenth king was named Burrae or Burae Kaan, the son of Tooluk. Burrae Kaan, during his reign, was called by the Moghools Pulkotu or Peelkotu Kaan.

Anushirwan, the son of Dara, was the eleventh king of the Moghools; in his time (from his bad disposition and bad management) the affairs of the Moghools fell into great disorder; he was succeeded by Wuku Timour, the twelfth Kaan.

This prince was also called Tooktimoor. Took­timoor was succeeded by Yusoor Dar Kaan, the thirteenth king of the Moghools.

The fourteenth was named Eenkeh Khan, the son of Yusoordar.

Fifteenth, Alung Kaan.

Sixteenth, Tooran Timoor Kaan.

Seventeenth Ak Timoor Kaan, the son of Nubeea or Boneea, the son of Kurak Ooghul, the son of Ooktaie, the son of Chungeez.

Eighteenth Eelchee Timoor Khan.

It is related that Eelchee Timoor before his accession to the throne, was the servant of that great and victorious prince, Sahib Kiran, ameer Timoor* Goorkan, and that at the death of the Sahib Kiraniakbur, he immediately went to Aligh Yoorut and seated himself on the throne of Chun­geez Khan.

Nineteenth, Tabuzi Khan.

This prince is said to have been descended from Areek Boka, the son of Tooli Khan, the son of Chungeez. It is said he succeeded Eelchee Timour Khan, and that in the time of the Sahib Kiran Timoor Goorkan, he fled from the princes of Aligh Yoorut and sought service with him, and that he was converted to the Mussulman faith; he also assumed the sovereignty of Aligh Yoorut after the death of Ameer Timoor; after reigning a short time, he was assassinated by the ameers of the Awirat or Eeraut tribes.

Previous to the accession of Tabuzi Kaan, the Tungot Tartars had seized the capital of Khutai from Eelchee Timoor Kaan, and only the original chief cities of the Moghools, Kulooraun and Karakorum, remained to them.

Twentieth, Oordai Khan, the son of Mullik Timoor Khan; this king was descended from Areek Boka, the son of Tooli Khan. In his time, the ameers of the tribe of Eeraut, who were able but treacherous men, and the assassins of Tabuzi Kaan, raised the standard of rebellion against him.

Twenty-first, Oodaie, the son of Ak Timoor, the son of Boneea, the son of Kurak Ooghul, the son of Ooktaie Khan. In his time, the chiefs of Eeraut became so powerful, that they seized and retained possession of the capitals of the kings of the Moghools, Kulooran and Karakorum. (<Arabic>)