The march of Hulako to Persia.

Mango Khan, after this exertion of his authority, appointed his younger brother Hulako Ooghul, to the command of the troops assembled to reduce to order the kingdom of Persia. This force consisted of one-fifth of all the able-bodied Moghools subject to his authority, and amounted to 120,000 men. Among the chiefs of this army were Baesa Ooghul, the son of Tooli Khan; and on the part of Batwi Khan, Bulghaie, the son of Suknak, the son of Joje Khan; also Tooma Ooghul, the son of Joje Khan; these, with their forces, and on the part of Juchkabegi, Toghaie Timour with a large body of Toorks and Noyauns all left their homes to accompany Hulako to Iran, and having conquered that country, they selected Azurbijan as the seat of their government, as is related by Atamullik, the brother of Shums-ud-deen Jooini, in his history called the Jehan Kusha, a compendium of which will be inserted in its proper place.

In the reign of Mango Khan, Yadikoot, the chief of the Oighoor tribe, formed a project to murder the Mussulmans of Paish Baligh while they were at prayer; it happened that one of the infidels became a Mussulman and disclosed the secret, and Mango Khan when he heard of it, despatched a body of troops who seized the con­spirators, and Yadikoot was put to death for this offence. In his time the religion of Islam was much respected. Mango Khan, after appointing his younger brother, Areek Toka, as his lieutenant, to the charge of Aligh Yoorut, accompanied by his brother, Koblai Khan, and an army of six hundred thousand men marched to attack the country of Tuknas, otherwise called Macheen, and conquered the whole of it. The air of that climate, however, disagreed with him, and he fell sick and died in the year 658 Hejri, Peelan eel Toorki. Mango reigned fourteen years; he left one son named Shirki.