Mango Khan, the son of Tooli Khan.

The third king of the Moghools was Mango, the son of Tooli Khan; he ascended the throne three years after the decease of Kyook Khan. When Kyook died at Samurkund the empire fell into great disorder, the princes being all disaffected, and each aiming to accomplish his own aggran­dizement. Mango Khan, therefore, with his brethren repaired to Batwi, the son of Joje Khan to obtain his protection, as he was the chief among the grandsons of Chungeez Khan. Batwi imme­diately seated Mango Khan on the throne, and made the nine customary genuflexions, and assisted as his cup-bearer. He also appointed his brother Boorkah, the son of Joje Khan, to accompany Mango Khan, and establish him in the sovereignty of Aligh Yoorut; but the other princes were not favourable to Mango’s claims, he not being the son or descendant of Ooktaie Khan, and they all made excuses and declined to attend his kooriltaie or court, and for this cause his formal accession was delayed four years. Boorkah wrote an account of this dispute to Batwi, who then ordered him to place Mango on the throne, whether his brethren attended or not. Boorkah Ooghul, therefore, in the month of Rubbi-el-avul, 645 Hejri, or Toshkan eel Toorki, placed him on the throne in the desert* of Karakorum, and performed the usual ceremonies of his inaugura­tion; this occurred in Achonch Ai, or the spring of the Turkish year.

The princes who were adverse to the accession of Mango, were Yusu Munkaie, the son of Chugh­taie Khan, Shiramoon, the son of Kojwi, the son of Ooktaie Khan, and Batwi Ooghul, the son of Kyook, the son of Ooktaie Khan. When Mango Khan was established on the throne, the malice of his enemies which had been before concealed became evident, but Mango wisely excused the princes, and only punished the chief instigator of the mischief, an ameer named Kudak (one of the chief servants of Kyook Khan), with a few others of less note.