The return of Chungeez Khan to Turkistan.

Histories relate, that after Chungeez Khan had destroyed the family and connexions of Mahummud Shah of Khorezm, and that his son had fled to Hindoostan, his anger became appeased, and he called to mind the message he had received from heaven, on his commencing his expedition to Per­sia, and mentioned it to Kurachur Noyaun. At that time intelligence arrived that the tribe of Tungut,* or the people of the East, from the long absence of Chungeez Khan, had rebelled, and he in consesequence determined that a part of his chiefs and troops, should pursue the sultan to Mukran and Hindoostan, and the rest return to Ghuzni, and thence to Tooran, the reason for this was, if the sultan remained in existence, and any delay in his pursuit occurred, he would gain strength, and it was best therefore to put an end to him and his exertions at once, and then, when the winter arrived, the whole of the Moghool troops might return to Tooran.

In conformity with this plan, Chughtaie Khan was sent with a large force towards Surat and the borders of Hindoostan and Mukran; and Ooktaie Khan was despatched with a force from the Indus to Ghuzni. Ooktaie Khan took Ghuzni, and notwithstanding the people offered their sub­mission, their conduct in aiding Sultan Julal could not be forgiven; and they were, with the exception of the trades-people, all massacred, and the city was razed to the ground. Ooktaie, after destroying the towns of Sindh, proceeded, by the route of Gurmseer and Herat, to Mawurunneher. Chughtaie Khan, after plundering the countries of Kech and Mukran, halted for the winter at Lan­joor, a country on the banks of the Indus. The governor of that country, Salar Ahmud, sub­mitted, and supplied all the provisions and forage he could for the support of the troops. How­ever, the air of the country did not agree with the Moghools, and they almost all fell sick. At this time the Hindu prisoners, of whom the Moghools had taken great numbers, were ordered, each man, to clean four hundred maunds of rice in a certain period; and as they failed in executing this order in seven days, they were all barbarously massacred, by the orders of Chughtaie Khan. Chughtaie, on his arrival, also despatched eelchees, or ambassadors, to the countries of Kech, Kutch, Mukran, and the port of Surat, and received their submission, and troops were detached to reduce those who refused to obey the summons. When the Moghool troops recovered their health, and no tidings of Sultan Julal were heard in that neigh­bourhood, they prepared to return towards Tooran.