Chungeez Khan despatches his ameers Doormun Bukhshi and Bala Noyaun, in pursuit of Sultan Julal-ud-deen to the countries of Hind and Sindh.

After Sultan Julal-ud-deen had sustained this defeat and loss, as above described, about fifty of his servants joined him, one and two at a time, and at night they left the Indus, and struck into the wilds and forests, and no one knew where they had gone. Chungeez Khan, however, under the notion that they had retired towards Hindoostan, the next day despatched Doormun Bukhshi and Bala Noyaun, who were of the chief officers of rank in his army, with a large force towards Hin­dostan, and gave them orders to put all the ser­vants of Sultan Julal-ud-deen they might find to death; these chiefs therefore crossed the Sindh, and proceeded towards Hindoostan, and from Mooltan and Lahore to the sea-side; wherever they discovered the soldiers of Khorezm con­cealed they slew all without exception, and destroyed all their cities, but spared those who delivered them up, plundering them notwithstand­ing of all their goods. In this expedition they put to death all the males they met, but seized their wives, families, and wealth, which they brought back with them; they, however, could not discover the retreat of Sultan Julal-ud-deen. It is said that they continued their pursuit to Mulka­poor and the sea-side, and returning thence joined Chungeez Khan near Balkh.