1. My paper is awash with tears Dohā.
2. The partridge pines for the sailing moon Dohā.
3. Nor time nor space depress nor minish love Dohā.
4. We are thy bees and thou our lotus flower Dohā.
5. The heights of love are hard to climb Dohā.
6. Wasted my flesh at love’s fire Dohā.
7. Had I but known what pain with love would come Dohā.
8. The sun sees many a lotus flower Dohā.
9. They who are wise Dohā.
10. To the lioness one cub Dohā.
11. Dead is the day when thou wast one with me Dohā.
12. The loved one gives the heart the peace it craves Dohā.
13. The sin, that stamped on Indra stigmas vile Kabittā.
14. Whose hands may touch a pure wife’s bosom chaste Kabittā.
15. The tongue of malice is in slander versed Kabittā.
16. The loved one’s breasts by singers are extolled Kabittā.
17. Raindrops form pearls and thirst of quails they slake Kabittā.
18. The ocean her father Kabittā.
19. Some men good fortune turns to evil ways Kabittā.
20. Enter the lion’s den Kabittā.
21. Time tests the right liver Kabittā.
22. Some men are liars Kabittā.
23. Sajni, my dear, such evil now is wrought Sawaiyā.
24. Man’s mind may fly across the sea Sawaiyā.
25. To give, unwilling, is to pay a fine Sawaiyā.
26. Friend, let others boast their treasure.