I. ‘Bāz Bahādur and Rup Mati in seclusion at Māndu indulging in the delights of love.’ Marked ‘the work of Govardhan’ Frontispiece
II. Riding by Night. Rājput School facing page 13
‘Rup Mati on a spirited horse with her chosen knight riding beside her.’
III. ‘They rode, as oft depicted by artists of Hindustān.’ Rājput School facing page 15
IV. ‘Rup Mati seated before the lap of the tirer of the bride, even as the cup at the lip and the mirror in the hand.’ Marked ‘the work of Sānwlah’ facing page 37
V. ‘Bāz Bahādur and Rup Mati.’ Painter unknown, probably by Govardhan. Mogul School facing page 47
VI. ‘This is the miserable end of this story, which began in love and faithfulness.’ Painter unknown. Early Mogul School facing page 60
VII. ‘A martyr to faithfulness!’ Marked ‘the work of Chitarman’ facing page 64
VIII. ‘But through life will ever go
With Bāz Bahādur, weal or woe.’
Rājput School
facing page 82
Photographs of Māndu at end
Palace of Bāz Bahādur and Rup Mati’s Pavilion. View from the distant opposite hill.
Hindola Mahāl. a, General view from north-east; b, In­terior, showing roofless arches.
Delhi Gate. View from inside.
Songarh Gate.
Jami Masjid. General view from north-east.
Jami Masjid. Interior view, showing Mihrab, Mimbar, &c.
Jahāz Mahāl. View from an arch of the Taweli Mahāl.
Jahāz Mahāl. Waterfront.
Rewa Kund, adjacent to Bāz Bahādur’s Palace.