To be observed by the present and future Aumils and Serishtadars of the second District of Waumloor, dependent on the Cutchery of Awulpatam.

ART. 1. THE Aumil shall proceed to the district, and taking these regulations, the seal of office, and the table of fees and establish­ments, &c. along with him, shall seat him­self in the Cutcherry; and having called before him the Reyuts, Putteels, Wurykauns*, &c. inhabitants of the Kusbah*, shall pre­sent them with the Leaf* of conciliation.

2. On the commencement of the year he shall give Cowle* to all the Reyuts and respectable inhabitants of the district, and encourage them to cultivate the lands. He shall also ascertain in what Reyuts’ houses there are a number of men, and but few ploughs; and having enquired into the circumstances of such Reyuts, shall oblige those who are in good circumstances to increase the number of their ploughs; and in order to enable the Reyuts who are needy to purchase ploughs and to cultivate the lands, he shall give Tuccavee*, at the rate of three or four pagodas for every plough, taking security for the repayment. This Tuccavee is to be collected from them again in one or two years.

3. The following rules are to be attended to in parcelling out the land for cultiva­tion: An equal proportion of lands which are dry or watered, and of those which are Ijara* or Hissa*, shall be equally distributed for cultivation amongst the old and new Reyuts; and when a Reyut sows one Khundee of seed in a certain quantity of Ijara land, he shall sow one Khundee and eight Kuros in the same extent of Hissa land. An account of the increase and deficiency of the produce shall be made out annually, and according to the Cowle the revenue shall be taken in money; or where such shall be the custom, the half of the produce shall be given up to the Reyuts, and the other half be retained as the share of the sovereign. Care must be taken that the Hissa land is to be well manured; and whoever cultivates a greater quantity of land of this description than may have been allotted to him pursuant to this rule, shall continue to do so; but if less, he shall be compelled to cultivate the full proportion.

4. Throughout the villages, wherever there is ground fit for the purpose, the Reyuts, &c. shall be urged to extend the cultivation of sugar cane; and in such villages where the Putteels and Shamboges* from obstinacy fail to do so, they shall be subjected to a double tax, calculated upon the quantity of sugar cane which may have been produced in another village.

5. The Putteels* Teagecaurs, and others, have for a long time fraudulently avoided paying the full revenue of Government lands: this is to be inquired into, and the lands are to be measured, and they are to be assessed like other Reyuts. The Reyuts are not to plough the lands of the Putteels; but the Putteels shall themselves plough them. If any Putteel, &c. shall in future employ Reyuts to till his ground, the whole of the produce shall be taken by Government.

6. Lands which have been cultivated for a length of time by the Shamboges, shall be resumed, and be delivered over to other Reyuts to cultivate; and if such Shamboges shall desire to have other land given to them in lieu of their wages, land which is lying waste shall be given to them; if they do not ask for land, they shall receive their wages in money, accord­ing to the established rate.

7. Reyuts, &c. belonging to the Ijara lands, who are connected with the Sham­boges, often avoid paying the full reve­nue. Strict enquiry must be made into this abuse, and it must be corrected by imposing upon them the established rate of assessment: and no relaxation must be allowed of in the observance of this rule, upon any account.

8. Two Mozas* shall not be farmed to the same person: one Moza only shall be given in farm to one person; and previously to this being done, an accurate list of all the old and new inhabitants, and an account of the gross receipts, shall be made out, according to which the lease shall be granted, and a Mochulka* be taken. If a farmer, neglecting the cultivation of his farm, and suffering the lands to lie waste, shall impose fines upon the Reyuts, and make undue exactions from them to enable him to fulfil his own engagements, he shall be made to pay to Government the amount of such undue exactions, over and above the stipulated rent. Measures must also in future be adopted to prevent any person from levying oppressive fines, &c. from the Reyuts; and defaulters in this respect shall be made to pay the amount of such exactions, and be moreover fined them­selves.