Falsehood is an offence of the highest nature, against both morality and religion. According to the books Sherra Wekaya and Tareech Velayet Khorausaun, &c. offences against the Sovereign are of four descrip­tions; and the punishment ordained for each of them is mentioned in those books. God has also pronounced his curse against lyars; so heinous a vice is falsehood, that all the other vices on the earth are produced by it; and God has declared the lyar to be a companion for Satan. From him who, in obedience to God and his Prophet, shuns this vice, offence against his Sovereign is not to be expected.

The following are the four descriptions of offences alluded to:

1st. He who rises in arms against his Sovereign, or unites with his enemies; or he who, by a writing under his hand, instigates another to do so; and he who with his hand is guilty of theft. The punish­ment denounced against such criminals is, that they shall be tortured, and be deprived of existence.

2nd. He who utters disrespectful words against his Sovereign; he who, by word of mouth, instigates another to offend against his sovereign; he who speaks in favour of a bad man; he who discloses his sovereign’s secrets; and all who are guilty of offences with their tongues. The punishment of such offenders is to be 80 stripes.

3d. He who by a look incites another to offend against his Sovereign; he who having seen another offend against his Sovereign, keeps silent; he who having wit­nessed a theft, does not make it known; and all who are guilty of offences with their eyes. Such offenders are to be reproved, and treated with severity; and if they benefit by the reproof, well and good; otherwise they, as well as those who know of evil actions, and do not endeavour to prevent them, are to be turned out of the country.

4th. He who hearing of an offence against his Sovereign, or of an intended theft, keeps silent, and does not endeavour to prevent the offence, is evidently consent­ing to the offence, and therefore deserves punishment. If he is a man of rank, he is to be punished in his property; if of a low degree, in his person. Punishments may be remitted by the sovereign.

If any crime of the above four descrip­tions shall be proved upon you, you will receive the punishment above denounced against it*.

You are to peruse and study these orders, morning and evening, and act according to them. In case of your failing to do so, you will be brought to severe punishment. They are comprised in 21 leaves, and contain 125* articles.

Dated 1st of Ahmudy, the year* Delo Purabhoa, and of the Higeera 1200. Writ­ten by Abbass Ally, and dictated by Lala Govind Roy, belonging to the Dewan Cut­chery of the Huzzoor. Lines 528.