125. You are to examine the jewels, clothes, copper and brass utensils, &c. which belong to all the Hindoo pagodas throughout your district, and have an account of them taken by the Serishtadars and Shamboges, with the description and weight of each article; and you are to deliver them over to the charge of the Shamboges, with directions to allow the use of them at the times when they are wanted in celebrating worship, and afterwards to put them away with care. In case the Shamboges should at any time be changed, the Shamboge who is removed shall deliver over charge of these articles to his successor, and if any deficiency should appear, you and the Shamboges of the Pagodas will be made to answer for it.

126. Wages sufficient for your mainte­nance are allowed to you and your officers. It is therefore expected that you will not be guilty of misrepresentation, in any matter, whether trifling or great.