The following are the rules for establish­ing depots of provisions, &c.

Names of the Articles. Eight months stock in a prin­cipal fort. Six months stock in a fort of the first rank. Four months stock in a fort of the second rank. Two months stock in a fort of the third rank.
Wheat 1000Deks. 750Deks 500Deks 250Deks
Jaggree 250Uttuls. 187 125 62½
Silk, raw 5full Deks 3¾ 2½ 1¼
Ajwain 50ditto. 37 25 12½
Kiddy* soaked in lime juice 10do. 7½ 5 2½
Wax 10do. 7½ 5 2½
Buch 20do. 15 10 5
Rukteool 10do. 7½ 5 2½
Opium 10do. 7½ 5 2½
Murdaursung 5do. 3¾ 2½ 1¼
Sung Reyza 5do. 3¾ 2½ 1¼
Sung Peita 5do. 3¾ 2½ 1¼
Gunny for bags. 40pieces. 30pces 20pces 10pces
Large earthen pans 2500 1500 800 600
Earthen pots and plates of various kinds; and when any of these are broke, they are to be replaced. 8000 6000 4000 2000
Mussauls of Kiroy wood. 4000 3000 2000 1000*

116. If any of the Peons belonging to the Fort should accompany the Bukshee, Fogedar, or Sepadar, a distance not exceeding 20 Kurohs, to any place within the district, in war time, as escort, there is no occasion to give them diet-money; but if this dis­tance is exceeded, they are, each man, to be allowed 5 Fanams. And also if they should be sent to fight or as guards beyond the limits of the district, to a distance of 20 Kurohs, they are each to be allowed 7 Fanams*, which you are to pay upon its being ordered from your Dewan Cutchery.

Out of the unarmed Peons in your dis­trict, 6 men are ordered for every Dooley with 3 Korraries* and 2 Cotias*: the bottoms of the Dooleys are to be made with the Boha rope. In this manner they are to be kept in readiness; and whenever an order comes for them from the Huzzoor, they are to be furnished immediately. A similar order has been given to the Kelladar, and you are to see that he obeys it.

118. No respect is to be shewn to per­sons who are born of slave-women and of prostitutes; and they are not to be associated with. They are moreover not to be taught to read and write. Teachers are to be forbid to instruct them; if any one shall instruct them, his tongue is to be cut out. Porsons of the above description may marry amongst themselves, but shall not be per­mitted to marry into respectable families.

119. If any person, whether before mar­riage or after marriage, shall keep a prosti­tute or female slave, you shall, after ascer­taining the fact, take the slave for Govern­ment; and if any person objects to it, he will be punishable.

120. A scrap of paper is not to be trodden upon: this injunction is to be particularly attended to; whenever scraps of paper are found they are to be buried in the earth.

121. Heretofore all persons have been accustomed after meals to wash their hands with flour of vetches, &c. and to rub their bodies with it when bathing: this is very improper, and it is forbid in future; and in place of flour of vetches, it is ordered that they shall use flour made of Nagur-Mootha*; and all men are enjoined to obey this order.