115. The under-writen rules are to be observed in laying in provisions and stores:

The stores which are required for the principal and inferior fortresses, are mentioned in the regulations for the Kelladars: you are to transcribe those regulations, and having observed what kind of fort there is in your district, you are to deliver the full quantity of stores required for it to the Kel­ladar and Serishtadar, taking a receipt for the same. The quantity of lamp-oil for the service of the fort is included in the establishment of the Ahashaum, according to which it is to be daily given out; and at the periods when stores and provisions are deposited in the magazines, you are to lay in a proportionable quantity of oil, three fourths to consist of oil of Ricinus, and one fourth oil of Sesame.

If there should be any soldiers in the fort, you are, every 15 days, to give out to them a sufficient quantity of oil of Sesame, to clean their musquets with, taking a receipt for it.

The Kelladar will deliver to you out of the old stores such articles as are condemned, which you are to take and exchange with the shop-keepers. The Kelladar will also once in every year deliver to you all articles which have been hired, and all other articles once in three years to be exchanged, and you are to take and exchange them. You are to put into good repair the old magazines in which the grain is kept in store, and if there are no old magazines you are to build new ones sufficient to con­tain it.