104. In your district there are banker’s shops established under the control of the Milikatugar*: you are to give the Shroffs and clerks the allowance which is fixed underneath, and you are to advance to each of them 1000 Pagodas, to enable them to deal in gold, silver, and copper, &c.

If any other Seethee* or Wurtuck, shall, in future, of himself, deal in these articles according to the mode practised heretofore, he is to be considered as a defaulter to Government, and be fined; if they deal with the Shroffs appointed as above by Govern­ment, there is no objection to it.

  Pagodas Kunteeroy.
Pay of each Shroff per month, 3
Each Mutsuddee or clerk 2

105. An establishment of Peons and Camatis*, &c., stationed at the fort for the service of the Ahashaum*, has been fixed by the Huzzoor; and it is ordered that the Kelladar and Aumil, attended by the officers of both their departments, shall sit together once in every two months, and muster them: and after dismissing all such of them as are old and infirm, shall draw out a muster-roll of the remainder, and pay them their wages six times in a year into their own hands; and they shall also receive, into the service, able young men as recruits, and pay them their wages in the same manner. It is also ordered that muster-rolls and abstracts of their pay be trans­mitted by you once in every two months, under your seal and signature, to the Huz­zoor and to your Cutchery. If, upon examination by the Naikwarries, it shall appear that old and infirm men, or such as are under age, are kept in this service, the amount of their pay, as well as a fine, will be exacted from you.