100. You are to keep up the full number of express Hircarrahs fixed in the establish­ment of your District, and in concert with the Kelladar and the Mutsuddee of both departments, you are to pay them severally their fixed wages and allowance for lamp-oil and paper, taking receipts from them.

The rate at which they are to travel, is determined to be one Kuroh Sultaunee in one Gurry and a half. Addresses and letters from the Dewanee, Bukshee, and the Ahashaum Cutcheries, &c., and articles for the use of Government, are to be forwarded by these expresses; and letters and goods of other persons are not to be sent by them: if any person shall infringe this rule, he shall be punished, and measures are to be taken to prevent it in future.

101. In the villages of your district, there are Fakeer’s booths: many of these Fakeers have a practice of administering intoxicating liquors and herbs to the inhabitants and passengers, you are to lay strict injunction upon such Fakeers as have already got fixed booths, to refrain from this mischievous practice; and whoever shall notwithstand­ing persevere therein, is to be expelled the country; you are also not to suffer any more Fakeer’s booths to be erected in the villages in future.