99. Heretofore merchants and traders under this Government have been accustomed to go to the dependancies of Cheena­patam* to purchase salt and other articles. All intercourse with that province is now forbid: and you are to notify to the mer­chants, that salt abounds in Khoshaulpore, Kooriaul, Dhonavir, Merjaun, Angola, and other places at the foot of the Ghauts, dependent on Nagore, and in the dependan­cies of Calicut; and direct them to go to whichever of these places is nearest to that of their residence, for the purchase of salt, and not to go to the dependancies of Chee­napatam.

If any merchant, in disobedience of this order, shall privately go into the Cheena­patam province, for the purchase of salt, &c., you shall, after enquiry, seize his Zindigaunee* with his cattle, and also the salt, for Government; and moreover fine the offender, and threaten him so as to deter him from the like offence in future.

If merchants belonging to Cheenapatam province shall come into the dependancies of this Government, for the purchase or sale of goods, salt, &c., you shall make them prisoners, and seize their cattle and goods for Government; and you shall report the matter to the Huzzoor, and attend to such order as shall be given.