97. Whenever sheep belonging to Government are kept to graze, you shall every year cause them to be shorn; and you are to receive charge of their wool from the Derogha of the Imerut Mihil, with a specifi­cation of its weight, and are to give a receipt for it. This wool you are to deliver to Nadaufs*, at fixed wages, to work it into the best felt, and are to send the felt through your Cutchery to the Huzzoor. If good felt cannot be made, you are then to forward the wool to your Cutchery, and take a receipt for it.

98. Such of the cattle and sheep as have got the rot, you shall deliver to dealers in leather, and cause them to tan and prepare the leather, which you are to take for Government, and transmit it to your Cutchery; and you shall let the tanners take the flesh of the animals instead of other pay, which you are not to allow them.