You are again desired to be strictly attentive to the orders contained in this rule; and you are moreover directed to keep a regular account of the brood-mares and foals that are with the Reyuts, and you are also to provide the food of the stallions that are given by Government, and take care that they are kept in high condition, so that they may propagate the species.

93. Tobacco has hitherto been prepared with spirits and other destructive things to increase its strength; this is forbid, and it is ordered that tobacco shall only be pre­pared with Jaggree*. Let an injunction to this effect be laid upon all the people of the district.

94. Heretofore Turmeric has been boiled with cow-dung. This is forbid, and it is ordered that in future Turmeric shall be boiled with red oker throughout your dis­trict.

95*. All the rules necessary to be observed are laid down in this code, and are to be adhered to. If any case shall occur not provided for, requiring reference to the Huzzoor, let such reference be made; and the order issued in consequence be obeyed.