92. It is ordered, that in every district which pays 1000 pagodas, the Reyuts shall keep four brood-mares. You are accord­ingly to select such of the Reyuts from all the villages in your district as are trust­worthy men, and who understand the keeping and care of horses, and equally distribute amongst them the charge of keeping a number of mares in proportion to the Jummabundy of your district. If the Reyuts shall require pecuniary assistance to enable them to purchase mares, you must let them have it at the rate of 100, 150, or 200, rupees for each. A number of horses are brought for sale to the Nur­putty* Jatira*, and the Reyuts may pur­chase and bring them from thence. Two stallions have been sent by Government into every district to breed from, and you must issue strict injunctions that all the mares shall be covered by these stallions, and not by other horses. Whenever foals are brought forth, you are to send for the owner, and advance money to him, at the rate of 100 rupees for each foal, to enable him to feed them; and you are to direct the following mode to be observed in feed­ing them: for the first month the foal is to be fed with 3 Deks of milk every day; from that time till it is six months old, one light Dek of butter, and one full Dek of flour of vetches is to be given daily, mixed with the milk; after the end of the six months the milk is to be discontinued, and in addition to the flour of vetches and but­ter, two full Deks of Coulthee is to be given to the foal, until it has attained the age of one year, from which time the flour and butter are to be left off; and till the next year the foal is to be fed with 4 Deks of boiled Coulthee.

During the first year the foal is to be tied with a string, and suffered to go with its dam to graze; and after that period, if it is a colt, it is to be separated from the dam, and suffered to graze by itself with a string about its neck; but if it is a filly it need not be separated from its dam.

A brood-mare is to be fed with 3 Deks of boiled Coulthee every day. The foals, both colts and fillies, are to be backed and broke as soon as they have attained the age of one year and a half, and at two or three years they are to be sent to the Huzzoor for examination, when they will be purchased at suitable prices, from 200 to 500 rupees each; and after deducting the sum which may, as above mentioned, have been advanced by Government, the balance will be paid to the owner.

If a Reyut is desirous of selling his horse elsewhere, he is not to do so without the knowledge of the Aumil, and is not to take a less price than 200 rupees, but may sell him for more than that sum; and out of the price which he receives he is to pay back to Government the advance which may have been made to him. Every Aumil who shall keep up a greater number of brood-mares in his district than he is required to do by this regulation, will merit the approbation of Government.

You are desired to send all the colts which are now to be found in your district of two years old, with their owners, to the Huzzoor, that, after being examined, a proper price may be given for them.