If the stable horses, or artillery bullocks shall be sent to your district to graze, you are according to order to deliver the straw in Kiars of the above measurement, and take receipts for it. There is no occa­sion for the servants belonging to the stables to go themselves to the villages and collect straw as they please. The Sair horsemen must also take straw from the Reyuts by equitable purchase, and not by violence, the observance of this rule is enjoined to them in their regulations. If any person takes straw by force, you are to seize him and send him to the Huzzoor; and if you cannot seize him, you are to ascertain his name, and the name of his Risaladar and Jemadar, and report them to the Huzzoor, that he may be sent for and punished. Whatever quantity of straw, accumulated for Government, shall remain at the end of the year, over and above the quantity required for consumption, is to be sold, and the money produced by the sale is to be paid in to Government. The Reyuts are to be forbid to sell any straw without your order.