81. There are vintners’ shops in your dis­trict; whenever you find four of these shops, you shall suppress two of them; and double the tax upon the remaining two.

82. In your district there are shops for the sale of inebriating liquors made from herbs, upon which you shall double the tax which has been heretofore collected from them.

83. Formerly there were plantations, vil­lages, and houses, &c. under the control of the Kelladar. They are no longer to be continued so, and the plantations and the Cutwaul of the villages, &c. are placed under your direction. If a habitation is wanted for one of your people, you shall cause the house of some person who is heir­less, and who may be desirous of selling his house, to be made over to him by sale; taking care that the purchase money for it is paid to the proprietor. You are not to give a house which is the property of one person to another. The people who are under the Kelladar, in the service of Government, are employed as sentries, and in guarding stores: and it is not proper to allow them to have any thing to do with plantations or civil concerns. This order has been also inserted in the regulations for the Kelladars. All plantations, &c. which have heretofore been under the control of the Kelladar, are to be resumed and put under the Athoonee management.

84. The people of the Athoonee and Ahashaum are not to be paid their wages, by Tunkhaus upon the villages, but you shall pay them in ready money, and into their own hands, under the pain of the displeasure of Government.