77. The following Royal standard is fixed for the measure of distances:

Two Gurries make one Kuroh; and 3000 military paces are equal to one Gurrie, each pace being the length of one Derra Sultau­nee; so that 6,000 Sultaunee Derras make one Kuroh, or a journey of 2 Gurries.

Orders are to be given to the Reyuts on the confines of every village, to measure, with Sultaunee Derras, all the roads, both high roads and bye roads, and to mark every Kuroh by planting a Burrh-tree on the right hand side, and a Goolar and Neem tree on the left hand side of the roads, at those distances; and they are to be enjoined to be particularly careful of the preservation of these trees.

You are to pay hire for the carriage and conveyance of goods according to these Kurohs.