75. The former names of Seer, Derra, and Maund are to be discontinued; and throughout all the districts, weights of the under-written names and standard are to be made, with the Government-stamp upon them, and to be every where used in their stead; and they are to be expressed in all accounts by the names now given; and all the old weights are to be thrown away.— The Seer is to be called Dek; and the Dek is to weigh 24 Rupees. The Derra is to be called Hub; and the Hub is to weigh 10 Deks. The Mun (Maund) is to be called Uttul; and the Uttul is to weigh 4 Hubs or 40 Deks.

76. A Derra Sheraiee has been fixed upon to be used in measuring lands, and in building fortifications, &c. It is sent to you, and you are to cause the measurement of lands, &c. to be made by this Derra. Thirty-two Derras are to make one Lub; and the measurement of all lands is to be expressed in Lubs.

77. The measure of the Derra is founded upon the Culma Teyeebee,* in which there are 24 letters, and contains 24 Nirangushts;* that is to say 24 Nirangushts make half a Derra Sultaunee, and 48 Nirangushts make a complete Derra. The measure of a Nirangusht is determined as follows: 10 grains of fine rice, weighing 6 Tahas, make 1 Nirangusht Jowan;* 7 grains of coarse rice, weighing 6 Tahas, make 1 Nirangusht; 7 grains of wheat, weighing 4 Tahas,* make 1 Nirangusht; 3 Nirangushts make 1 Gerra; 8 Gerras ½ a Derra; and 16 Gerras 1 Derra.