Heretofore the measure of a Khundee has been of various capacities; they are all now to be discontinued, and the following stan­dard of measure is fixed—The weight of 30 Fanams Kunteeroy is one rupee; 24 rupees make one light Dek*; 3 and ½ light Deks are equal to one full Dek* weighing 84 rupees; 16 full Deks make one Kuro— and 20 Kuros one Khundee. It is ordered that according to this standard, measures shall be made in all the districts, with Government-stamps upon them; and that all grain be bought by these measures filled to the brim: that the weight may be exact to a single Dek. It is also ordered that all the old wooden measures be broken, and that the old weights and measures of iron, &c. be delivered up to Government.

A Rupee is to be denominated Joze; a Kuro, Beyd; and a Khundee, Ahia; and by these new names they are to be expressed in all accounts.