71. The following rules are to be observed in firing salutes on days of rejoicing, and in celebrating victories, &c.: on the day appointed for celebrating festivals, vic­tories, &c., the guns are to be fired at the tenth Gurry of the day; and salutes to the Sultaun are to be fired at the time when he is passing in state: salutes for victories obtained by commanders of troops, are to be fired according to order.

The occasions upon which salutes are to be fired, and the number of guns at each, are as follow:

On the Eede Ulmumeneen, the 13th of Rejeb 20 guns
On the Sultaun’s birth-day, the 14th of the month of Toolooee 30
The Eede of Rumzaun, &c., in the month of Showaul 20
The Eede of Zeehuje, on the 10th of that month 20
The anniversary of the Sultaun’s Reign, the 3d of Beyhauree 30
A victory obtained by the Sultaun 20
When the Sultaun’s Retinue is passing 30
For victories by Commanders and Officers of the Army 10

72. Wherever there are Mosques in your district, there are Cauzees, Moolas, and Mozins. You shall transmit a statement of the allowances given to these persons, and the Enaum lands held by them, under yours and the Kelladar’s seals, to the Cut­chery; and continue them according to their Sunnuds—You are to collect together the children of the Mahomedan inhabitants of the Cusbah, &c., and cause them first to be taught calculation and accounts, and afterwards to read books; and you shall keep and transmit an account of all children who are instructed in reading; whoever will become a Mussulmaun, the Cauzee shall initiate him, and his name shall be written down on the list of the faithful: care is to be taken that no other person than the Cauzee shall, in his own house, make converts of male or female slaves—wherever there is no Mosque, a Mosque of 5 Cheshmais shall be built, and Moolas entertained at a monthly allowance of 10 Fanams, and a quantity of ground yielding 10 Fanams shall be granted for the purpose. The Putteels shall also fur­nish a daily quantity of oil, weighing 2 Fulooces,* to light the Mosque; and land for the support of the expence of the oil shall likewise be appropriated, and the Moo­las shall be enjoined to instruct the Maho­medan children in reading, and shall read prayers to the Mahomedan inhabitants.

73. Every person who shall become a con­vert to the Mahomedan faith, if he be a Reyut, shall only pay half the usual assessment, and shall be exempted from the payment of house tax; and if he is a dealer in merchandize, his goods shall pass duty-free. Beside this, there are other rules laid down in the regu­lations for the Cauzees of the Simpts, a copy of which you must obtain from the office, and adhere to them.