64. Whenever the towers and fortresses of the villages in your district are sur­rounded by hedges of Sikakauhee and Cujcu, you are to raise behind such hedges, other hedges of Boha trees, otherwise called the Munjeenaur; where there are no such hedges as above described, you are to make them of Sikakauhee, Cujca, and Boha.—You are also to enclose plantations and fields with the Boha, and give strict orders that no one shall break them without permission from the Aumil. You are to make the Reyuts deliver annually a quantity of Boha,* in the proportion of 5 Utteels to every 1000 pagodas in the Jummabundy of your district, and are to send it to your Cutchery upon the bullocks which are kept in the service of Government.